The ‘I’ll Call You Back’ Supercut Is A Fun Reminder That No One Has Any Intention Of Calling You Back

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The “I’ll Call You Back” supercut pales in comparison to Slackstory’s last effort, Wes Anderson + Ja Rule, but it does succeed in getting me to think about how odd it is that this throwaway line finds its way into movie dialog so often. I guess it makes for a comfortable transition, but “I’ll call you back” is really just a dick move disguised as good intentions when you think about it. I can’t think of any character not named Jerry Maguire who has ever actually followed up on that promise, and I know I certainly don’t in real life. If you could plug my “I’ll call you back” into Google Translate the return would be, “STFU about your boring day.”

And why does Ben Stiller pull this move so often? Dude, seriously, start timing your calls better. You don’t seem to have a problem staying on the line when studios are pitching Fockers sequels, do you?

Video featuring Ice Cube auditioning for an Old Spice ad after the jump.

Slackstory via The High Definite

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