The Internet Reacts To The Death Of Kim Jung Il

12.19.11 5 Comments

I have to say that I’m a little disappointed in the internet today, as I would have thought the death of North Korea’s cartoonish “Dear Leader” would have inspired an avalanche of comedy, but the offerings, at least the ones I’ve seen, have been sparse. It’s as if there’s a massive, clusterf*ck of a holiday right around the corner and the masses are already beginning to check out or something. Hmmm…imagine that…I wonder what that could be?
Anyway, while the Kim Jong Il death offerings were thinner than I would have expected, there was some truly funny stuff out there floating around, and I placed a few such photoshops, gifs, etc. in the gallery that’s after the jump. Enjoy.

via Matt Cherette
(Via The Clearly Dope)
(Via Pleated Jeans)
(Via Art Yucko)
(Via Art Yucko)
(Via Kim Jong Il’s Final Words)
(Via Art Yucko)
(via Slacktory)

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