The iPod Shuffle – Charlie Wilson’s “Charlie, Last Name Wilson”

05.08.12 6 years ago 8 Comments

In more ways than one, Charlie Wilson doesn’t get old. For decades, as both a solo artist and the founding front man for The Gap Band, this legendary crooner has run the gamut of R&B, funk and even hip-hop, turning out an endless amount of timeless hits along the way. But, it was in 2005, when Uncle Charlie formally reintroduced himself to the world with his universally accepted single, “Charlie, Last Name Wilson.”

Soothing souls atop R. Kelly’s grown-up guitar licks, this patented slow jam about finding true love at a ripe age seemed to target an older audience, but was classy enough to connect with just about anyone who caught it on one of the numerous Clear Channel stations smart enough to capitalize on this natural-born showman’s unwavering star-power. As a result, anyone from underage rap enthusiasts to retired senior citizens were belting out Wilson’s coming of age single like they too, were looking show a fine female a good time.

Considering the finer things in life only getting better with age, here’s to hoping we get yet another comeback from the nearly 60-year-old legend.

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