The iPod Shuffle – Dru Down’s “Pimp Of The Year”

05.30.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

Despite being released six years before I hit the hallways of high school, I specifically remember Dru Down’s “Pimp Of The Year” being the theme music as I was coming of age. Between the blatant theme of macking hoes (up and down the f*cking avenue) and the ridiculous flip of Whole Darn Family’s “Seven Minutes Of Funk,” the most popular song from Oakland’s permed-out pimp-extraordinaire had me feeling extra flossy as I started learning the lay of a female landscape, even if my game was a tad exaggerated at times.

These days, however, as I’ve winded down a bit – jamming Dru’s Explicit Game throwback loud as possible doesn’t necessarily boost my machismo, as much as it makes me feel old. But, remember ladies, with age only comes experience.

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