The Key & Peele Player Intro Sketch Is A Must-Watch

10.18.12 5 years ago 30 Comments

This Key & Peele sketch about the various ridiculous names we encounter in football has made the rounds, but we would be remiss not to feature it also. Technically, the sketch is about the college game, but college players do tend to become NFL players. They even bring their wackadoo names along with them.

As over the top as some of these intros are, they still don’t quite go as far as what Atari Bigby did in real life not long after the episode aired. I think if Bigby’s intro were part of this as opposed to an actual thing, some people would have been like, “Yo, that f*cked up.” Instead, it was real and people were like, “Yo, that shit was heeeeelarious.”

I could also go for a follow-up video with Jon Gruden attempting to pronounce each of these names.

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