The Newest 'Celebrity Craze' On Twitter Isn't New At All, But Does Involve Scantily Clad Bodies

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07.07.12 3 Comments

The U.K.’s Daily Mirror is breathlessly reporting that there’s a new craze on the Twitterwebs, and all the famous people are doing it. “Celebrity Body Surfing,” which shouldn’t be confused with Non-Celebrity Body Surfing, involves “various famous faces sharing photos of their bare legs and torsos.”

It is debatable whether or not the photos are being taken to show off their bodies, or simply if it is just another way for the celebrities to keep their fans updated and interested but either way it’s a trend that’s catching on. ( )

The legs and body you see above belong to Heidi Klum, which makes the trend official because Heidi Klum is awesome. After the jump, we have more examples of this online craze. Hopefully it sticks to just celebrities, though; can you imagine an Internet full of nearly-naked regular people?

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