The Man Got Paid

07.16.12 6 years ago 21 Comments

Matt Forte’s seemingly endless quest for a long-term deal has finally reached a conclusion just before the deadline for franchise players to get contract extensions or else wait and possibly hold out. Clock is still ticking on Ray Rice (<strong>UPDATE: So much for that – Rice got a new five-year deal). Anyway, Forte got a four-year deal from the Bears for roughly $32 million. Guaranteed money figures aren’t out yet (Chicago Sun-Times reports it’s slightly more than $18 million guaranteed), but the total sum is less than the $45 million and the $43.5 million that LeSean McCoy and Arian Foster respectively received earlier this off-season.

Bears fans can rejoice. Jay Cutler can force an insincere half-smile when pressed about it by a photographer during a dog walk. Fantasy owners who have Forte as a keeper can stop fretting. The only conceivable loser in this scenario is the small cottage industry of Chicago sports fans pushing shirts imploring the Bears to pay their running back. I’m sure they sold quite possibly almost in the double digits. Sorry, gravy train’s gone, guys.

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