The Most WTF Moments From Last Week’s ‘Empire’

01.13.15 3 years ago 32 Comments

Words By G. Hylton

We’ve already established that Empire just may end up being the best trainwreck on TV and that’s meant in the most positive way possible. Because who doesn’t find themselves attracted to absurd stuff? The TV habits of our current society are loosely structured around that concept and that’s why so many people tuned in to watch the first episode. For those who didn’t, we’ve decided to run down the five most over-the-top moments before the show comes on again tomorrow night.

jamal lucious trash empire

1. Lucious took out the “trash.”

Lucious, disgusted at his son for dressing up in heels and a headwrap, decided to throw the boy in the trash. That scene was wild enough. What makes it even wilder is that it actually happened in real life, which Bans explained in his piece.

2. Cookie swept her son under the rug.

Cook reunited with her son Hakeem for the first time after 10-plus years in prison. This happy reconciliation ended up with Hakeen being assaulted by a broomstick. So much for motherly love.

3. R.I.P. Bunkie

Bunkie showed up to Lucious’ house with a gun and demanded three million dollars. Lucious decided it’s cheaper to kill him. Let that be a lesson: there’s no future in extortion.

4. The frequent use of gay slurs on the show.

Jamal, Lucious’ son, is gay. Empire doesn’t let viewers forget this, as he’s called a sissy, a queen, and on one occasion, a f****t. Perhaps Fox is trying to be edgy, but the free usage of gay slurs by characters raised more than a few eyebrows.

5. Cuba Gooding Jr. is also in this show.

Scenes from the upcoming episodes show Cuba Gooding Jr. meeting up with Cookie at a horse ranch. Cuba Gooding Jr. On a horse ranch. The very definition of a “WTF” moment.



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