The NFL’s Top Budgetary Crisis Burns!

08.01.12 5 years ago 32 Comments

The Saints and the 49ers had a highly memorable playoff game in January. It was from that game that Gregg Williams’ comments about affecting Frank Gore’s head scandalized the football world. That hasn’t been lost on San Francisco defenders. On Monday, Niners safety Donte Whitner issued a shots fired quote at the Saints, saying, “If you have the right type of guys in that [defensive] room, you don’t have to set bounties or pay money for guys to play physical and play hard. It’s going to come naturally. That’s the type of guys we have on our defense.”

Well, very average Saints linebacker Scott Shanle took exception to Whitner’s comments and returned fire by reminding Whitner that he is a no-rings clownfraud and included very relevant nasty comments about how the state of California is broke, which has a lot to do with the 49ers defense, apparently.

The implication that people from the Gulf states are hard-working can’t be allowed to pass uncontested. I’m not sure that people from New Orleans would even self-describe themselves as such. The three-day work week is a matter of pride there, dammit.

Also, Scott Shanle has doubtlessly had minimum 3,000 hurricane jokes tweeted at him in the last 24 hours.

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