The Social Network Trailer Hits, Is Hilariously Overblown

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06.28.10 5 Comments

I’m going to admit something here that will probably have my film nerd card taken away, but here it goes: I’ve admired David Fincher for years, not because he’s a good filmmaker, because he isn’t. He has absolutely zero sense of storytelling or pacing. No, I admire him because of his ability to exploit the weaknesses most critics have for pretty pictures to cover up the fact that he has a teenager’s philosophy, at best. Seriously, take this guy’s eight figure budgets and little cinematographic toys away, and he’s nothing special. “Like, the world, like, sucks so much, you know? Why? What do you mean why? It just does, OK?” Watching a David Fincher movie for the philosophy behind it is like listening to Kenny G for the fire and passion.

Unfortunately for him, audiences started catching on to his total lack of substance around “Zodiac”, and critics started realizing that maybe there was less to this guy than they thought with “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. And now he’s getting desperate, as witnessed by the hilariously terrible trailer for “The Social Network”. Check out the trailer under the jump:

What’s going on, you might ask? Is this a legal thriller? Is this about a young man earning a fortune illegally through social networking? Is it about hunting down a criminal?

No. It’s a movie about the founding of Facebook. I’m just going to let that sink in for a moment. This bombastic trailer is about the business surrounding founding and running a website.

I’d start seeing about working on “8ight”, Dave.

[ via /Film ]

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