The Woman In That Weird Florida Nude Beach Domestic Battery Has Died And Her Husband Is The Prime Suspect

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07.21.14 14 Comments

Manatee County Sherriff's Office

Last week we brought you the story of a Florida husband and wife, Michael and Pamela Doster, who became involved in a domestic dispute last weekend on a Sea Doo near a nude beach in Tampa Bay, which started over Pamela’s accusations that she had caught her husband performing oral sex with another man. In the altercation, Michael threw his wife off of the Sea Doo several times, resulting in her hitting her head at least one of those times, before leaving her stranded on a sandbar for several hours.

In a tragic turn to the story, it turns out that Pamela Doster died last week a few days after the incident took place, and her husband Michael is a suspect in her death. From NBC News:

“This takes our case to a different level. We need to know exactly what happened. We can say that Michael Doster is a suspect,” says Sheriff office spokesperson Randy Warren. Deputies really want to talk to witnesses, especially the man Doster had relations with. Deputies say the man was on a boat.

Warren said it was a Bowrider boat with an outboard engine and we know that it had a broken steering cable. “We’re trying to locate that person because he may be able to give us some good information as to exactly what occurred,” he said. Deputies say there were a lot of witnesses out there that day who may have seen what happened and they want to hear from them.

I don’t know if they’re intentionally not releasing much information at this time, but it’s still unclear whether or not Mrs. Doster eventually died of her injuries or if the cause was something much more nefarious. If she died from her injuries, I assume her husband will be charged with manslaughter or something, because — not to excuse any form of domestic abuse — the couple were both intoxicated at the time and mutually engaging in the altercation which led to her injury.

If it was the other thing, I don’t think this story will be going away anytime soon.

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