The World’s Worst Clown Is Out Of Work For Calling A Woman’s Hair ‘Unbeweaveable’

09.03.14 3 years ago 8 Comments

The dunk tank is supposed to be one of the happiest games at a carnival or fair, as it allows random strangers the chance to drown someone because he yells stupid-but-playful insults at them. Over Labor Day weekend, one terrible dunk tank clown took his antics too far at the Delta Fair in Memphis, and he was then able to go home and enjoy the entire weekend free from employment. The unnamed trash-talker (probably not the Juggalo-looking gentleman above, for the record) decided to borrow from a Don Imus routine and add a little racism to his repertoire, as he allegedly crossed the line with a black couple just trying to enjoy the fair.

According to the husband and wife, the clown offended them by calling her Sheneneh and “nappy head,” before adding that her hair looked like she bought it from the Dollar Tree, because it was… “unbeweaveable.” You know, if he hadn’t been fired for those “jokes,” I would have at least asked that he be reprimanded from stealing all of his material from Def Comedy Jam.

(H/T to FARK)

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