These Horrible People Took Pictures As A Man Attempted Suicide In L.A.

04.13.14 4 years ago 35 Comments

Nothing says, “Hey, I’m a huge douche taking a photo!” more than simply taking a picture on instagram and hashtagging it #selfie #op, but it takes a group of passionate douches to pose for a photo together in front of a person attempting suicide.

twitter suicide


Thankfully, the man was talked down. Suicide is pretty much the worst. You die, yes, but all of the people that knew you and loved you don’t. Then again if the group taking the selfie got hit by a meteor or something?

suicide selfies twitter


Yeaaaaah. You all look like idiots. It sucks to try to kill yourself, but it’s even worse if you’re in that group of people.

(Via Death And Taxes)

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