This Is The Mugshot Of A Meth Addict Who Splashed His Face With Toilet Water

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08.31.14 4 Comments

My Fox Chicago

Christopher Fulton is a bad man. He got high on meth and tried to rob a home…while shirtless. But he did a good thing: he finally got the words “meth,” “toilet water,” and “mugshot” in the same headline on UPROXX, so for that, he’s a national, nay, INTERNATIONAL hero.

The homeowner said the burglar was a white male wearing only jeans and no shirt.

The suspect fled the scene as the officers arrived, but was later found hiding behind an air conditioning unit near Lincoln and Palo Cristi Road.

Fulton was taken to a police station where police say he admitted to being extremely high on meth and to drinking vodka earlier in the evening. Police say he started splashing himself with toilet water to try and cool off, but became very sick. (Via)

Now that he’s achieved Internet infamy, his Hank Hill BWAAA won’t age a day.

Via My Fox Chicago

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