This Kickstarter Campaign For A ‘Puppies With Guns’ Calendar Has Now Reached Its Goal

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12.05.14 2 Comments


Oh goddammit. The brainchild of “two bored roommates” which has supposedly been four years in the making is now coming to fruition, thanks to this Kickstarter for a “Puppies With Guns 2015 Calendar” — which charmingly sells the idea by saying “So what you hate puppies, you still like guns.”

This is just the latest reason why I want to burn Kickstarter to the ground and salt the earth. According to the campaign, which has already raised $3,345 — exceeding it’s $2,500 goal — with five days to go:

Our intent was to bridge the gap between two total extremes; puppies looking goofy and super cute and top-of-the-line and boutique firearms. Rarely do you see a Chinese Crested and a SPAS hanging out together in a tea room, and we thought that was wrong. Why shouldn’t cute little dogs and kick-ass guns be best friends?

So many answers to that last question. Sooooo many. In related hypothetical questions, why shouldn’t puppies and deadly Black Mamba snakes be best friends? Why shouldn’t babies and grenades be best friends? Why shouldn’t the Smurfs and Gargamel be best friends? Oh I don’t know, because it’s a dumb idea and one of those things will kill the other thing?

Anyway. There’s still time to order your Puppies and Guns calendar here, kids!

(Alice 97.5 via Reddit)

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