Three Questions With Jarren Benton + “Freebasing With Kevin Bacon” Mixtape

06.28.12 6 years ago

Hailing from Decatur, GA Jarren Benton first caught our eyes at A3C last year and he’s been on our radar ever since. The young emcee’s made strides since then, all culminating in inking with Funk Volume earlier this week and the release of his latest project, Freebasing With Kevin Bacon. And just in time for the drop, TSS was able to snag a few words from Jarren regarding the mixtape and why he chose Funk Volume over the rest.

1. What brought you over to Funk Volume? How does the label fit in with the vision of your career?

I came to Funk Volume because they’re a label and a brand that fully understands Hip-Hop and independence. They’re not trying to keep their artists in a box. It’s a do what you feel and do you to the fullest type of mind frame. That’s something that I strongly stand behind. Do what the fuck you want and do it to the extreme.

2. From Freebasing With Kevin Bacon, what do you think is the one song that people are really going to latch on to? Why?

I don’t think that there is a particular song that people will gravitate to because the project has something for everybody so that depends on the mood that you are in when listening.

3. How did you link up with Jon Connor on “Billion Bucks”? What was it like working with him? You’re no slouch on your verses too, but did you feel any pressure to match his lyrical intensity on the record?

My manager Mike hooked up the feature with Jon Connor. I needed a third verse for “Billion Bucks” but I wanted someone who was a spitter that wasn’t from the South. Jon Connor was someone that my manager recommended. I checked his music out and after listening to him I knew that he was the missing piece. There was no pressure when it came to writing my verse being that my verse was first I kind of set the tone so everyone else just had to listen and do their thang.

Check out Benton’s Freebasing…, which was recording Atlanta for over a year with local producers, SMKA & Roc N’ Mayne. The project features Dizzy Wright, 2 Chainz, Rittz, Freeway, Aleon Craft, Gangsta Boo, Jon Connor, Planet Vl, Laws and more. Atlanta residents can swing by the Star Bar on June 30th for the release party (details here) and West Coast residents can catch him on stage at a city near you (tour details here).

DownloadJarren Benton – Freebasing With Kevin Bacon | Stream

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