Tomorrow Is The Most Depressing Day Of 2014, And Not Just Because Of The Weather

01.05.14 4 years ago 17 Comments



Tomorrow is set to be the most depressing day of the year, according to a new study.

Extensive analysis of social media reveals that the first Monday back at work in January is the most miserable. The research is drawn from a tool that analyses a random representative sample of British tweets on a daily basis. It measures “sentiment and happiness,” providing a daily unique score between 0 and 100 to deliver a “happiness index” of the nation’s mood. (Via)

And that’s before the WE’RE ALL GOING TO FREEZE TO DEATH, UNLESS YOU LIVE IN FLORIDA, IN WHICH CASE, YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO EAT THE FROZEN REMAINS OF HUMANS FOR SUSTENANCE factor. *double sigh* Things aren’t all bad, though: any time you feel glum, remember that we’re only days away from:


Looking at Boyd’s hair makes me feel all warm inside.

(Via the Daily Mail)

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