Louis C.K. Gives One Of His More Interesting Interviews Ever To… Tony Hawk?

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10.16.12 6 Comments

Skateboard legend Tony Hawk recently launched a new YouTube channel, and even though I’m not sure exactly what constitutes a successful YouTube channel I’m certain his will be one because “Score access to Louis C.K.” is phase one to the underpants gnomes’ guide to the internet.

Tony caught up with Louis backstage before (or maybe after) his set at The Masonic in Detroit the other night and they sat on a couch and chatted like two likable dudes who have maybe met once or twice before but aren’t super comfortable with each other. Thirty seconds in I was convinced the interview was going full “Chris Farley Show,” but then Tony steers things toward uncomfortable audiences, Dane Cook, and what it’s like to be on the celebrity end of a Reddit AMA and the whole thing gets interesting.

T. Hawk will never be mistaken for the world’s greatest interviewer (he reminds me of myself interviewing someone, which is not a compliment) but between the relaxed setting, the subjects tackled, and a lack of censorship this is one of the best Louis C.K. one-on-ones I’ve seen in a while.

RIDEChannel via Reddit

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