Which U.S. City Has The Worst Traffic? Surprisingly, Not L.A.

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Photo: Yahoo

Los Angeles can rejoice in giving away the crown for having the United States’ worst traffic. According to Inrix, a provider of traffic data and information, another city currently has the worst traffic in the country and that honor belongs to Honolulu. Drivers there waste 58 hours a year on average on congested roads. Of 100 cities surveyed, L.A. still came in a very close second (56 hours), followed by other major cities like Chicago, San Fran and Boston.

10. Chicago – 32.8 hours
9. Boston – 35 hours
8. Austin – 30 hours
7. Seattle – 33 hours
6. Washington, D.C. – 45 hours
5. Bridgeport, CT – 42 hours
4. New York – 57 hours
3. San Francisco – 48 hours
2. Los Angeles – 56 hours
1. Honolulu – 58 hours

The study lists the average hours wasted per driver after each city due to traffic. The study also concluded that Tuesday’s the worst morning commute day, while Friday evenings held down the second half of the day. And some of the country’s most congested traffic arteries include the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, from the 105 to Getty Center; a 16-mile stretch of the Long Island Expressway in New York; and three miles of the Penn Lincoln Parkway in Pittsburgh.

For the full results and the methodology, check Inrix’s report here. Consider the info important to remember while planning that Memorial Day road trip.

Source: Yahoo via BX

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