Travis Porter – “College Girl” Video

04.01.11 7 years ago

If I talk about college often, it’s because I enjoyed the hell out of those four years. Given the way the economy went in the tank almost as soon as I received my degree, I probably would have been better off dropping a few classes and extending my stay an extra year. The entire experience was something I’ll never be able to properly describe because doing it justice is close to impossible. The parties, the probates, the homecomings, the student center, the random trips to the Solo gas station for Dutches, the women, my Lord, the women and the random people you have random memories with are part of a giant pool of bonds which define that era of my life (class, too). That sh*t was great. But I’m going to stop while I’m ahead because I can feel myself getting carried away.

Whether Travis Porter ever officially enrolled in college or not, I have not the slightest clue. Their “College Girl” video is all right with me however. Everybody in school thinks the world revolves around them so it’s only right their ideal scholastic female pursues her higher education at Porter University. If P.U. was anything like Hampton U, then the weekends started Thursday afternoon with a trip to the liquor store by the Subway down the street from campus. From there it was apartment hopping until a final destination was found. Here I go running off on a tangent again, so it’s probably best we end this here.

College days swiftly pass, man. Sh*t, I need a moment now.

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