Trouble in paradise? DeSean Jackson takes swipe at the Redskins and probably RG3

11.17.14 3 years ago 17 Comments

Stop me if youve heard this before? Robert Griffin the 3rds act is wearing thinner then his cartilage.

This morning DeSean Jaccson went on InstantGram and tweeted out a picture of words. What do you call a picture of words? Its literally impossible to explain it SMH. Anyways he put up a statement that seeemd to call out his Redskins teammates:

Screen shot 2014-11-17 at 2.20.35 PM


He also had this to say:

Screen shot 2014-11-17 at 1.38.13 PM


As a sportsblogger its literaly my job to read what he says and interpert it and tell everyone else what it actually means so heres my best guess:

-Note the caption on the second one and how it says “Ima have my bac” this is a classic example of Desean not spelling words with “ck” which stands for “Crip Killa”. The only thing more unlikley then Desean putting “ck” together is if the Redskins put two Ws together folks.

-Who exactly is he referring to? Robert Griffin is many things but is he basic? Im not so sure he is. Griffin dosent strike me as the type guy who listens to OAR and drinks Coke Zero. If anything RG3 thinks hes to special which now that I think about it might make him basic I dont know.

-Its definitely about Jay Gruden. Jay Gruden is the basicest person in the NFL. I guarentee you he still uses a walkman and he bathes with Irish Spring bar soap. He wears socks with sandals but Im talking thong sandals and tube socks where it piches that fabric and his sandal flys off because hes still trying to practice soccer with his kids who arent even on the travel team. Most basic person on the team.

There was also this basic-ass papa john pizza promotion where since the Redskins scored 1 touchdown you get a very sad one free topping which would obvously be Fritos, but still, thats a basic pizza. The wheels are officially off the Redskins franchise folks and that can only mean one thing- Dan Snyders about to open up the liqor cabinet and make some rash decisions. Its going to be one hell of a ride.

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