The Internet Had A Blast Pointing Out Things That Happened The ‘Last Time Trump Paid Taxes’

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10.02.16 5 Comments

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As with most days during this election, the antics of Donald Trump are grabbing headlines on Sunday. Today is especially odd, though, thanks to Alec Baldwin’s nearly spot on impression of the GOP candidate and the revelation of his old tax return by the New York Times. If Trump enjoys any type of publicity, be it bad, good, or apocalyptic, today has to be testing his patience.

The Times report shows that Trump claimed a $916 million loss in income on his 1995 returns, possibly allowing him to avoid paying taxes for 18 years. Even better is the apparent fact that all of this was legal under current tax laws, which almost all parties look terrible — at least in the eyes of normal, tax paying Americans.

There might not be legal ramifications from this initial revelation, but the court of public opinion quickly returned sentence on Trump and let him have it online. The tax returns inspired a wide array of responses, from the absurd to the angry and a few in between. The driving theme between most of them was quite simple: what happened the last time Trump paid taxes?

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