Twitter Declares #TrumpMustTestify After Trump Said He Would ‘One Hundred Percent’ Testify Under Oath

06.09.17 7 months ago 22 Comments

While the House Intelligence Committee formally requested that the White House confirm the existence of Donald Trump’s threatened “tapes” of his conversations with James Comey, the president told reporters Friday he would “one hundred percent” testify under oath if necessary. Why? To disprove the account laid out by the former FBI director’s testimony on Thursday, as well as the notes and memos Comey compiled immediately after his meetings with Trump. Whether or not special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, or various congressional committees, will get the president to testify remains to be seen.

Especially since he immediately followed his “one hundred percent” line with what seemed like a clarification, “I didn’t say, ‘under oath.'” And to make matters even more confusing (but typical), Trump changed the subject and began ridiculing Comey’s accounts of their conversations — including the latter’s story about the president asking for the former agency head’s “loyalty.” Even so, his immediate backtracking didn’t convince the many politicos, pundits, journalists and trolls who frequent the Twitter-verse in 2017.

After CNN’s story headlining Trump’s “one hundred percent” line hit social media, the politically outspoken creator of House of Cards, Beau Willimon initiated the #TrumpMustTestify hashtag: “He has kept virtually none of the promises he has made, but this is a promise we must MAKE him keep.”

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