#ThanksDonald: Twitter Gloriously Trolls Donald Trump For Hurricane Relief

10.30.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

Hey, remember that time Donald Trump followed up his massively huge world-changing “major announcement” hype with a self-promoting offer to the President and we all collectively made a wanking motion? If it’s as clear as if it happened last week that’s because it did happen last week, before Sandy turned our attention to things that actually matter as opposed to ginormous gasbags.

Now thanks to VH1’s Kate Spencer he of the frightening hair is back in the internet mix. And it’s glorious.

Ms. Spencer planted the above seed on Twitter last night and former Onion writer Jason Roeder soon followed and before anyone knew it #ThanksDonald trending with preemptive gratitude for a charitable act that will almost certainly never happen because Donald Trump is an a-hole.

I refuse to follow anything Trump does on Twitter so I don’t know if he’s responded (let me know if he says yes). I just really enjoy the troll train running full bore at the guy, the only outcomes being a victory of some sort.

#ThanksDonald via The Huffington Post

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