Two Days, Six Rounds And Many Hot Dogs To Go

04.27.12 6 years ago 51 Comments

We had drinks before the draft with Kobayashi. We’re not sure why this happened, but we appreciate Hugging Harold Reynolds for passing on this pic of him with Bengalmania (perhaps this wrestling-inspired gimmick was responsible for the WHAT! chants throughout the broadcast) and a photobombing Jets fan.

Very satisfying first round, all told. Trades! Roger Goodell hugs! So tender! So white! The Browns were suckered into moving up for no reason. Then they upped the humor ante and took Brandon Weeden, which will force a Colt McCoy trade to the Jets so they can have the most wholesome back-up QBs ever. The Dolphins took Tannehill and gave us a punchline for several years to come. The Cowboys did a cowboy thing and traded up for Mo Claiborne. The Patriots did two cowboys things and stopped following the Patriot Way of dropping down to compile picks. They’ll still be fellated for getting more talented on defense, though it’s not like they didn’t need that. Also the Eagles picked well, and that shouldn’t happen.

A lot of fun “character issues” players like Janoris Jenkins and Vontaze Burfict available for Day 2, so more fun with calling of names to be had, for sure.

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