Tyler, The Creator Doesn’t Care About The Royal Wedding

04.27.11 7 years ago 54 Comments

I don’t know much about Tyler, The Creator. Hell, my knowledge on Odd Future outside of Frank Ocean is elementary. Does that make me less of a credible source for all things music? Yeah, probably so. That being said, I give those guys all the respect in the world for the buzz they’ve created for themselves. One definite I’ve learned about Tyler is that he’s a legendary quote waiting to happen. Take his recent interview with British music magazine, NME. When asked about the royal wedding, this exchange went down.

NME: Will and Kate and their upcoming wedding? No?
Tyler: Who the f*ck is that? N*gga, I’m from Compton.

Classic. Somebody take this man to Applebee’s and order the 2 for $20 deal on me. While we’re on the subject of the nuptials, I’m with Tyler. The NBA playoffs are on, gas prices keep rising and Sallie Mae continues to call me every month even though I reject her advances. File that right alongside Obama’s birth certificate for things I could give a rat’s ass about. But, shout out to William for inviting six ex-girlfriends and Kate inviting two ex-boyfriends. That place is going to have more tension than the 1995 Source Awards.

Watch Tyler’s NME outtakes below.

Spotted: NME via Miss Info’s

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