What’s The Worst Part Of This Video Of A Man Eating His Young Niece’s Dragonfly?

Creative Director
01.14.14 3 Comments

This video is called “Uncle Eats Niece’s Pet Dragonfly,” and like most clips that originate on LiveLeak, it is not pleasant. But you could probably guess that from the title.

But what’s the least pleasant part of this video? Is it the guy’s decision to put his niece’s dragonfly in his mouth? Is it the pained, intensifying shrieks of his niece as he slowly puts it further into his mouth? Is it the cold, sociopathic look on the guy’s face throughout the incident? Is it his singing voice? Is it the crunching sound? Or is it the woman at the end — who understandably wasn’t prepared to have this conversation — struggling to explain to the man that he did something wrong?

(It’s probably the crunching sound.)


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