Video: A Boeing 777 Was On Fire After Crashing At San Francisco International Airport

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07.06.13 3 Comments

According to, a Boeing 777 crashed while landing at San Francisco International Airport today at approximately 11:20 a.m. PT today. The tail of the Asiana Airlines aircraft, inbound from South Korea, reportedly broke off during the landing procedure, causing the plane to flip over and actually land on its back. The above unconfirmed video of the plane in question shows the plane upright with the evacuation slides deployed.

As details of the crash are still being reported, it is unknown if there were any deaths or injuries, or even how many passengers were on the flight. However, a man named David Eun Tweeted that he was on the flight and that “most everyone seems fine”.

We will update with additional information as it becomes available.

UPDATE: Despite initial reports of critical injuries and no deaths, two teenage passengers were reported as casualties of the crash, while many more were treated at the hospital for various injuries. The president of Asiana Airlines has since issued an apology to the families of the deceased.

Asiana Crash

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