Blogging Is A Business

12.30.09 8 years ago 25 Comments

You may/may not be fully aware of how authentic that statement pictured above is. But, if you’ve ever sat in the leather executive-style computer chair, you know how challenging the task can be. Count off how many sites you’ve seen fall by the wayside, updates trailing off until you notice that the last update was weeks or even months ago. Or maybe you started your own little crummy blog (don’t trip, we all started with little crummy blogs) only to realize that there were too many other more important things to do for you to bother with trying to hold it down. Why do that when you could play Xbox, casually download mp3’s, stir up a ruckus in the comments section of other blogs and be a 140-character menace on Twitter?

As far as lapdogs for the labels go, MTV and BET fell off long ago and the same goes for their print counterparts in The Source and XXL. DJs get their nuts playlists handed to them by Clear Channel.How many of you really check for Sirius satellite? So where’s that leave you?

That’s why eskay, Dre and Nation are important. To anybody who knows, they know that what eskay et. al do isn’t just “post mp3s,” which is the common knock against him. He posts new music because those in need come knocking @ his e-doorstep, asking him to share their music with the rest of the world. Nah Right has been and remains one of the main conduits for this rap shit. It’s why motherfuckers email me asking can I help them get their tracks posted over there (as idiotic as that sounds. So yeah, managers, stop asking me that).

It’s also why eskay has a commercial now. Remember, he’s part of the reason the internet exists so it’s only right that the face of rap on the net get pub (and presumably a check) to rep for one of these companies.

So goddamn right I’m posting it. Click it, view it. View it again. Shit, go buy one them motherfuckin’ Nokia 3G Booklets lil niglet (Teef, see what I did there?). ‘Tis good.

Because every time he wins, that’s one more door knocked down that’s putting me closer to having one of these sneaker companies asking me what colors I want on my custom models. The blogger edition trick! Annnd I’m gonna have Alex do my laces.


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Stray Shots

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