How To Secure A Memorable First Date, As Told By The Obamas

06.27.12 6 years ago

Whether the Obamas renew their lease at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this fall remains to be seen. What isn’t, however, is the fact the Barack and Michelle will go down in history as a personable President and First Lady. In conjunction with their “Dinner With Barack” initiative – a contest allowing a select number of voters to dine with America’s executive family – the still happily married couple gave insight to what their first date consisted of some 20-some-odd years ago.

Michelle was more of the play-by-play personality here with an obviously feeling himself President Barry O chiming in every so often. What started off with a lunch at the Art Institute of Chicago, followed by a romantic stroll ended with the couple going to see Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing. President Obama can act cool, calm and collected all he wants now, and it’s cool. All that said, he was probably more nervous than those police officers when they realized they killed Radio Raheem.

You ain’t gotta lie to kick it, Barack. A good woman’ll make you nervous. Or so I’ve heard.


See last year’s “Dinner With Barack” here. Meanwhile, those interested in receiving the opportunity to chop it up with the nation’s Commander In Chief are only a click away.

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