Uncle Sam Joel McHale Wants You To Do Your Part To Help Save ‘Community’

11.17.11 6 years ago

At the risk of turning all of you into Big Bang Theory fans here are some fun vintage posters to rally the diehards courtesy of our favorite graphic artist extraordinaire, Jon Defreest. It’s kind of an ironic take to think of Community as ‘Murrica and all the multi-camera mouth-breathing laugh track sitcoms as challengers to our way of life when really the metaphor probably makes more since the other way around but HEY LOOK JOEL MCHALE AS UNCLE SAM! ALISON BRIE AS THE “WE CAN DO IT” GUN SHOW LADY! TAKE ACTION!

I’ll take it. All day, every day.

Troy and Annie versions after the jump. They do not disappoint. Oh, and while I’m here, I should mention one Tumblr follower pointed out that my Alison Brie venn diagram from earlier today could easily be converted into a Donald Glover variation by simply swapping out Mad Men for 30 Rock and Brie GIFs for Derrick Comedy. Well played astute Tumblr follower! Line up an in person interview with me and Childish Gambino over beers and I’ll make it happen.


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