Watch A Young Girl Attempt To Murder Her Little Brother, Only To Find Out He’s Invincible

Creative Director
05.25.14 11 Comments

The short video above is both refreshing and disturbing. It’s also probably fake.

Refreshing: It’s always great to see kids get outside and find inventive new ways to entertain themselves.

Disturbing: Everything else. I mean, a young girl shuts her brother inside a rubber container and violently rolls him down the stairs, all while a grownup stands by and giddily films the event.

Fake: Who closes the lid? No one, yet it securely snaps shut just before launch. There’s also a pretty clear jumpcut right after the container lands and just before the kid gets out.

If for some reason this isn’t fake, it’s a miracle little Clarky Kent comes away from the experience without a scratch (and with a big ‘ol grin on his face). This is the kind of thing you can only get away with when your little brother is invincible.

(Via Chad Suter)

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