Frank Ocean – “Thinking About You” Video

09.15.11 6 years ago 13 Comments

The movies that matter the least are the ones where viewers leave the theater and know exactly what just happened, the answer to every question and have already solved the mystery. The same goes for music videos. While most simply pass on any attempt to achieve beyond the typical ass and flash, the ones stirring artistic curiosity tend to well last beyond the typical two-week shelf-life, which – of course – is exactly what Frank Ocean has done with his fresh visual for “Thinking About You,” created in conjunction with High 5 Collective.

More like a short film than something you’d see on MTV Jams, this visionary piece sees the OFWGKTA crooner play merely a supporting cast role. The bulk of the video centers around an old-fashioned journeyman seeking help for his wounded wife, who ends up stirring a Shaman of sorts into helping “keep the spirit alive.” The premise might sound out there, until you watch for yourself and your assumptions become trumped by the visually and mentally stimulating succession of supernatural events.

Hey, anything but Odd is just status quo when you’re the diamond amongst the rough in a California collective hell-bent on standing out.

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