Watch Michelle Jenneke Perform All The Internet’s Favorite Dance Moves

Senior Pop Culture Editor
11.24.12 11 Comments

When we look back at the milestones moments of 2012, be they sports-related or otherwise, Michelle Jenneke‘s pre-race wiggle will be the George Washington on the Mount Rushmore that is this confusing metaphor. What I’m trying to say is: Michelle Jenneke is very cute and you should watch this video for the 486th time.

The Australian hurdler recently visited America, where, according to her Twitter, she hung out with people who aren’t me or you and, more importantly, did the Dougie in a What’s Trending video. Jenneke performed other Internet-friendly dances, too, but it’s all about the Dougie, if only because that was our introduction to Kate Upton, and now it’s worth wondering how quickly the Internet and the loins of millions would explode if Upton and Jenneke “collaborated.” That might replace “Gillian and Alison lingerie” as the official photo of UPROXX.

(Via Busted Coverage)

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