Watch Takeru Kobayashi Chug A Gallon Of Milk In Seconds

07.18.13 2 Comments

Takeru kobiashi milk

Back in 2009 I covered the Nathan’s 4th of July hot dog eating contest for Deadspin. Doing so afforded me the chance to get an up close and behind the scenes look at the world of competitive eating and I actually gained a great deal of respect for some of the people who do this sort of thing. I’ve read about and heard about some crazy stories about things the competitors on the circuit consume, the quantities they consume and the speed in which they do it.

With that said, Takeru Kobayashi chugging a gallon of milk in 20 seconds is, to me, one of the more remarkable things I’ve ever seen or heard about in this realm. Dude is a goddamn freak…

(Via Deadspin)

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