Weinergate Is Officially Out Of Control

06.06.11 7 years ago

I was really hoping beyond hope that this hideous Weinergate thing would just go away, as everyone and everything involved with it is overtly slimy. Anthony Weiner, the central figure himself, is a bombastic politician whose pompousness sadly outweighs his virtue as a politician. Andrew Breitbart, the right-wing muckraker pushing the story, is just a sleazy motherf*cker with little to no credibility. And “Dan Wolfe,” the lone Twitter user to apparently see Weiner’s original dong pic, is just a sad mess of a human being.

But like a rash on my nuts that I just can’t control, this thing just keeps growing legs and, despite my best efforts to look away, keeps drawing me in. Try as I might, I just can’t escape Weinergate. So kudos to you, Anthony Weiner, for ruining my lunch AGAIN today by forcing me to read more lurid reports about your online creepin’.

What did he do now, you ask? Oh, nothing much — just fired off a bunch of photos and dirty messages to women on the Internet who aren’t his wife, that’s all.

Reports the New York Times:

A conservative blog published a series of embarrassing photographs and e-mails on Monday that it claimed had been sent by Representative Anthony D. Weiner to an unidentified woman over the last few weeks.

The blogger, Andrew Breitbart, said he had obtained the photos and messages from the woman, but did not describe either her or her connection to Mr. Weiner, who is married.

The photos, posted throughout the day on BigGovernment.com, apparently depict Mr. Weiner barechested and sitting at his computer and show him lounging on a couch in a T-shirt, with two cats at his side.

Mr. Breitbart said the photos were sent last month, on May 4, 5 and 20.

It should be noted that the source of these photos is not the same young woman Weiner was allegedly trying to tweet a photo of his erect penis to when this whole thing kicked off. While this new woman currently remains anonymous, the Times reports that ABC is set to air an interview with her in the coming days.

Below are the three pictures Breitbart has released so far. This first one was reportedly sent in an email with the subject line, “Me and the pussys.”

Breitbart said that the next photo was sent by Weiner to prove to the woman that he was “taking photographs contemporaneously.”

And this one, in which Weiner appears shirtless, appears to feature noted philanderer Bill Clinton — who coincidentally officiated at Weiner’s wedding — over Weiner’s shoulder.

If all that weren’t enough, another woman came forward to tell Radar that she has hundreds of filthy Facebook messages sent to her by Weiner.

RadarOnline.com and Star magazine verified that the account where the messages originated does belong to Weiner (see below).

He told the woman he had a “ridiculous bulge” in his shorts and asked if she “wanna see” it — almost three months before a photo of an erect penis in tight fitting briefs appeared in the pol’s Twitter stream.

It’s a sensational twist to the scandal plaguing the embattled New York congressman. This new woman is middle-aged and from Nevada.

Just for the record, here is the official Uproxx.com response to all of this…

UPDATE: Anthony Weiner was supposed to hold a press conference at 4pm today, but he just got Kanye-ed by Andrew Breitbart. You can’t make this sh*t up.

UPDATE #2: Watch the Weiner press conference live here…

UPDATE #3: ABC just published an interview with Meagan Broussard, a single mom from Texas — one of the women Weiner cavorted with online.

Broussard said her first contact with Weiner occurred on April 20 after she “liked” a YouTube clip of one of Weiner’s speeches that had been posted to his Facebook page.

She also commented — “hottttt” — on the link, which is still publicly visible on Weiner’s page and has received hundreds of other comments from Facebook users.

Weiner “almost immediately” added Broussard as a Facebook friend through his personal profile account, she said. And she accepted his request.

According to Broussard, the two immediately began messaging through Facebook chat, eventually exchanging “hundreds of messages,” many of a sexual nature.

(Photoshop via Matt T. Gif via F*ck Yeah Anthony Weiner)

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