‘We’re A Culture, Not A Costume’ Parodies: Part Deux

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10.31.11 3 Comments

This rarely happens (unless we’re talking fantasy football potential or budding Hollywood heartthrobs), but I was a little too ahead of the curve when I posted the “We’re a Culture, Not a Costume” parodies last week. In the handful of days since the internet has exploded with more roflcopter photoshoppy goodness and I’ve felt like I’ve missed out on an expanded selection. Seeing as how it’s internet law that you can only write about Halloween today (UPROXX is abiding nicely) and knowing how much you all enjoy the lulz I decided one of my favorite memes in a while deserves a rejoin.
Thank God those kids at Ohio U. were offended enough by Halloween to make posters.
Source: Know Your Meme, Reddit

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