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05.09.12 6 years ago 30 Comments

It was revealed prior to the draft that Megatron would be on the cover of this year’s Madden game. Well, now the mock-up of the cover has arrived for people who need to see packaging three months in advance of purchase. And…yep, that sure is Calvin Johnson. From what I’ve seen, the reception is skewed toward the underwhelmed. Chris Chase says they should have left the ball in the shot, because otherwise we have no idea what Megatron is doing in that pose. He could be doing anything, like focusing his telekinetic powers to lift a car. Yup, solid point, there. You tell ’em, Chase.

– Terrell Suggs suffered only a partial tear of his Achilles tendon, creating the possibility that Ball So Hard University could resume scheduled classes sometime after fall midterms.

– Rex Ryan was spotted wearing a Devils jersey during the team’s series-deciding win against the Flyers last night. Busted Coverage is quick to point out that Rex was pictured wearing a Flyers jersey at a game two years ago. And that would totally matter if Rex Ryan gave a sh*t about hockey, which I’m confident in assuming he doesn’t.

– Michael Vick used the chess skills he picked up in prison to demolish a bunch of kids at the game, including sixth-grader named True Knowledge Islam.

– Cris Carter said the Vikings had bounties back when he played for them. But they were to protect teammates from opponents. In retrospect, probably should have let the other guys take out Gary Anderson.

– LaVar Arrington, always to be counted on to elevate the discourse, said that parents keeping kids from playing football is the result of “sissification”.

– Cowboys-Redskins rivalry toilet, obviously from the Dallas fan perspective. At least when it gets clogged during their Thanksgiving game, it’ll serve as a totem of hate.

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