Which Nurse From Pop Culture Would You Prefer To Be Treated By?

07.20.11 4 Comments

Let’s face it, we’ll all need a nurse at some point in our lives. Maybe we’ll eat some rancid fish at our local sushi joint and begin to violently expel our innards through our balloon knots, or maybe we’ll throw our backs out trying that weird position we saw in a Kama Sutra book, or maybe we’ll just breathe in some nice, poisoned urban air and get cancer! Who knows? The possibilities are truly endless. But the fact remains that we will get injured and/or sick and eventually die, and nurses, like it or not, will play a role in our unfortunate demises.

So which of the well-known nurses above would you like to have care for you when you come to a time when you need some nurturing? Greg Focker? Nurse Joy? Well … here’s a handy-dandy flow chart to help you figure out which one is best for you (Personally, I’d prefer to have Lexi Belle in “Hello Nurse,” but that’s just me I guess). You’re welcome.

(Created by Certified Nursing Assistant. HT: Greg Voakes)

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