White Supremacists Hack Trayvon Martin's Email & Social Media Accounts In Effort To Prove He Was A Thug

03.30.12 6 Comments

As you may have noticed, some right-wingers have been trying desperately to paint Trayvon Martin as a hoodlum so as to, I don’t know, prove that he had it coming to him when he was murdered by a cartoonish version of a trigger-happy “neighborhood watch captain?” (Thankfully, not all conservatives are on board with this sort of slime.)

Why would alleged human beings with souls do such repugnant things, you ask? Well, sadly, it’s because mouth-breathing racists who literally hate people just because they look differently than them actually still exist in America. I know this is kind of shocking, but it’s true. And now these degenerates have their own hackers, apparently.

One such hacker, who goes by the clever name of “Klanklannon,” posted what he said were Martin’s private Facebook messages to 4Chan earlier this week. As Gawker’s Adrien Chen notes, “the messages were posted on four slides, strategically arranged to back up the insane racist argument that Trayvon was a Scary Black Teenager…”

Now, think about this for a second — imagine how much blind hate this man, “Klanklannon,” must have in his heart to devote the time and energy it takes to hack into a dead teenager’s email addresses and social media accounts. That’s not dedication, that’s obsession — obsession fueled by things I can’t even begin to comprehend.

Reports Chen:

A slide titled “Trayvon Martin Used Marijuana Habitually,” features an exchange between Trayvon and a friend about getting high. Another slide, “Trayvon Martin was a Drug Dealer” features Facebook messages and photos that supposedly prove Martin dealt drugs, including a picture of Martin posing “aggressively with a large amount of cash in his hand.” It’s impossible to verify the hacked messages’ authenticity—like other anti-Trayvon Martin propaganda, they’re probably a mix of real and fake content— but they are now being passed around as gospel among the racist underbelly of the internet, including message boards like the neo-Nazi hive Stormfront, which Klanklannon apparently frequents.

In addition to the Facebook messages, Klanklannon posted a list of usernames and passwords for Martin’s social media and email accounts as proof of his exploits. All of the passwords had been changed to racist slurs. (Gmail: “niggerniggernigger” Twitter: “coontrayvonnigger”)

On 4chan, Klanklannon made clear their intention to smear Trayvon. Klanklannon introduces the post with, “Today /pol/, tomorrow CNN.” One 4chan user told us Klanklannon had been attempting to break into Martin’s accounts for days, posting periodic updates to the board.

“Where did all the liberals go?,” Klanklannon taunted after posting his slides. “Did they run off because they can’t handle the facts?”

But Klanklannon included none of Martin’s emails in his leak, because the picture they paint is of a normal high school junior preparing for college. A screenshot of Trayvon’s Gmail inbox our source provided us is heartbreaking. Martin apparently used his Gmail account for his college search, and it’s filled with emails about upcoming SAT tests and scholarship applications. (“Trayvon, now is the best time to take the SATs!”) One email included the results of a career aptitude test, our source said. It “talked about his interest in aeronautics and stuff.”

Sometimes I truly wish I didn’t have to live on this planet anymore. Right now is one of those times.

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