Here’s A Candidate For One Of The Year’s Strangest Crimes

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08.14.14 12 Comments
Diondre Jones stupid

Slidell Police Department

Well, well, well, we have a new candidate for dumbest criminal of the year. Meet 26-year-old Diondre Jones, a woman who tried to get medical care under her sister’s name. One problem though—her sister was dead. Another problem—she was wearing a shirt commemorating her sister’s death. It had her name on it. You see where this is headed, right?

Diondre gave the hospital her sister’s name (Delores), SSN and birth date. After receiving treatment, the hospital got this notice: “Date of Death Precedes Date of Service.”

Cue Diondre sneaking out of said hospital…

…when the officer asked Diondre why she provided the hospital staff with the wrong name and information, Diondre pointed at her shirt and told the officer, “They must have gotten the name from this shirt.” The shirt that Diondre was wearing was a memorial shirt for her deceased sister, Delores.

Diondre Jones was booked with one count of Medicaid fraud and also had an outstanding attachment for failure to appear in court from a previous arrest.

You didn’t have another t-shirt huh? Not a single one? Not even a grubby one that hadn’t been washed in awhile?

You know what, I have nothing else to add here. I believe this is society’s nadir. I weep for you mankind.

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