Your Week 3 Early Games Open Thread

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In case having his players dive at the knees of opponents, berating assistants for serving the wrong type of pasta and being adored by Peter King wasn’t enough to convince you that Greg Schiano is a hateful Cro Magnon, Mike Silver has delivered with a feature about how the rest of the league disdains Schiano for his bush league tactics as well as being generally dickish to NFL scouts for the span of a decade.

If you took a poll of league talent evaluators, no one would have a higher approval rating than Coughlin right now, because he essentially informed Schiano that the rookie’s devil-may-care attitude won’t cut it at football’s highest level. This is a sensitive subject in scouting circles, because Schiano was almost universally viewed as unaccommodating, intimidating and downright disrespectful by NFL representatives who paid visits to Rutgers from 2001-11, and there were plenty of groans and eye-rolls when he accepted the Bucs job last January.

If Joe Paterno’s restrictive policies turned Penn State into the most infamous college “visit,” checking out prospective pro players on the Rutgers campus was considered an even less enjoyable experience.

“Penn State was off limits for all but two days a year, but they didn’t make you feel as unwelcome,” says one AFC team’s top personnel executive. “At Rutgers, it was a really unpleasant day. You were made to feel like an outsider, like you weren’t welcome. And everyone was scared to talk to you.

“[Schiano] tried so hard to be a hard ass and went out of his way to be rude. When you’d pass him in the hallway, you might say, ‘Good morning,’ and he’d look at you like you’re a [expletive] idiot. A guy like him doesn’t realize that probably half of us played the game at a really high level – it’s completely condescending. He would go out of his way to make you feel as uncomfortable as he could.”

Of course, it’s understandable to feel like you can big-time pro scouts when you’re the coach of pissant Rutgers. The article goes on to note that even a noted back-stabbing dicksmack like Nick Saban is actually accommodating to visiting scouts, since their presence can provide advantages for recruiting. Not Schiano though. He did everything possible to make them feel unwelcome and to make their jobs more difficult during his tenure as a college coach. And even though Schiano most likely owes his job in Tampa to a recommendation from Grumblelord, Schiano disregarded a customary pregame march prior to a game against Navy, a program to which Belichick has considerable family connections.

So, basically, Schiano is a human cockwart. And he bears a passing resemblance to Ron Perlman, which sucks because Perlman is awesome.

Your early game slate, as rated for potential watchability by KSK’s patented four- and sometimes five-star system:

St. Louis at Chicago **
Buffalo at Cleveland **
Tampa Bay at Dallas ***
Jacksonville at Indianapolis *
New York Jets at Miami **
San Francisco at Minnesota *
Kansas City at New Orleans ***
Detroit at Tennessee **
Cincinnati at Washington ***

Mohamed Sanu’s opening play wildcat TD bomb to A.J. Green. At least Andy Dalton was well covered on that play.

The 0-yard Redskins pick-six, which is about all the ‘Skins have going for themselves so far.

The Easter Island kid from “The Critic” is all grown up and rooting for the Dolphins. I had hoped he would have turned out better.

Brandon Weeden has the luck o’ the Doopy Pantz!

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