YouTube Tutorial Goes Horribly, Hilariously Wrong When Girl Burns Hair Off

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02.22.13 7 Comments

Would-be soap opera character Tori Locklear is a YouTube tutorialist — that’s gonna look good on a college application — whose advice should come with a giant DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PERSON YOU MAY DIE IF YOU TAKE HER ADVICE, OR AT LEAST BURN YOUR HAIR OFF warning. To quote Opposing Views, because I know as much about hair styling as I do why someone would even want to record a how-to video:

Tori Locklear wanted lots of hits on her YouTube video tutorial, showing how to curl hair with a curling iron, and she’s getting them alright. Because she burned her hair OFF. I have been curling my hair for about 30 damn years and I have never had a section of my hair burn off like this. Either she had VERY over processed hair (it doesn’t appear that way though) or that curling iron is literally from hell. (Via)

Yeah, no, I think the Hell option is pretty spot-on.

(Via Gawker)

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