The Primer: 10 Scarface Songs Everyone Should Know

01.02.14 4 years ago 40 Comments

Scarface Primer - 10 Best Songs

Underrated is a term that’s both endearing and disparaging. Yet, considering Scarface has nearly a dozen studio albums full of critically acclaimed rap tunes and is still often forgotten amidst conversations about who’s GOAT, the Houston icon might just be the most underrated emcee of all time.

However, ask any rapper from the South who their inspirations are, and the ones who matter most will explain how Face Mob used his imaginative storytelling to put their region on the map. Cultured fans will also echo their sentiment.

To reinforce the magnitude of Brad Jordan’s impact on the game and explain why he’s more than simply Southern royalty, we have compiled ten songs that we feel best exemplify his vast-reaching splash of blood-soaked hood poetry.

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