10 Morphing GIFs That Will Have You Seeing Double

By 02.08.12

The idea of morphing faces for entertainment value has been around for a while, from Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video to Conan’s “If They Mated” segment to the ever popular political merge. People seem to enjoy it. Morphing GIFs are a lot like Cinemagraphs and Droste Effects in that they’re really cool but require increased time and resources and therefore are still pretty sparse on the world wide web.

Being ahead of the curve as I always am (wait till you guys see the planking photos I tweet out later today) I wanted to get a handful of these in front of you so you can be all “before it was cool” about them later. I have to admit pinpointing the motivation behind most of them (read: terrifying Emma Watson GIF) is difficult, so since they’re all mesmerizing in their own way let’s not bother trying. The last one in particular is a bit mind blowing, so give it some time to sink in.

The above “GIF ALL THE CELEBRITIES!” via Reddit. All that aren’t sourced were found at KYM.

Heath Ledger-Joker Morph


I Call This One 'Good Times'

Doctor Whos


I Call This One 'Why?!?!?!'

Meal Time Morph

Pitt-Bloom For Some Reason


Masterpiece Morph

The OG Morph

Wait For It...

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