10 Wolfpack-Approved Facts You Might Not Know About ‘The Hangover’ On Its 5th Anniversary

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The hangover

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R-rated comedies simply don’t get bigger than The Hangover. Old School brought the genre back from to its ’80s-era prominence and Superbad proved that it could rack up huge box office numbers with unknown lead actors, but it was The Hangover that went above and beyond what any R-rated comedy had done before, making nearly half a billion dollars — despite none of its actors being A-listers.

The movie that holds the box office record for an R-rated comedy — it grossed $467.5 million worldwide — celebrates its five-year anniversary today. From baby abuse to Tyson’s tigers, here are 10 facts about Sin City’s most sinful film of all time.

1. Pulling a tooth was no big deal for Ed Helms. No special mouth piece or movie trickery was needed for Stu’s missing tooth. Actor Ed Helms’ adult incisor never grew in so he wears a dental implant that was simply removed for the toothless scenes. Helms did, however, admit that removing his tooth made shooting The Office a little tricky:

“I never told [anyone on the show] because they would lose their minds. So I would show up to work on The Office with this appliance in my mouth, and it really affected my speech. If you watch those episodes, I sound drunk.”


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2. Lindsay Lohan was considered for the part of Jade. 2009 was not the best year for Lindsay Lohan. There was of course that whole boozin’ and cruisin’ issue, but Lilo was also passed on for the part of Jade the stripper because producers felt she was too young for the role. (Considering the movie’s setting, it’s probably for the best that Lohan wasn’t cast in the movie — Vegas, tigers, and Lindsay is a recipe for disaster.)


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3. The original script had no Mr. Chow or tigers. The film’s original script lacked many of the iconic scenes and characters that were integral to the movie’s standout moments. After securing the script — then titled What Happens in Vegas — director Todd Phillips and co-writer Jeremy Garelick changed Bradley Cooper’s character from a car salesman to a teacher and worked backwards to add the movie’s surprises. As told by Phillips:

“No Tyson, baby or tiger. And there was no cop car. [Co-writer] Jeremy Garelick and I sat down in my house and just started writing. We kind of went backward, like, what would be the craziest thing you could wake up to? A tiger? Well, why would a tiger be there? Siegfried & Roy? Nah, that feels typical. Oh, you know what’s funny? Mike Tyson. I once read he has tigers.”


Warner Brothers

4. The guys didn’t actually get to trash a Caesar’s Palace suite. The room that the fellas wake up in after their night of debauchery isn’t a suite at Caesars — which start at around $1,600 a night — but an L.A. soundstage. According to Caesars Palace director of public relations, Celena Haas, the set was designed based on two of the resort’s Forum Tower suites: one a penthouse and the other the so-called Rain Man suite.

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5. The film acted as a mini Daily Show reunion. In case you weren’t counting, four former Daily Show correspondents appeared in the movie: Ed Helms (2002-2006), Matt Walsh (2001-2002), Rob Riggle (2006-2008), and Rachel Harris (2002-2003).

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