“100 Ways to Die In Skyrim” is Hilarious, Accurate

Senior Contributor

“Skyrim” may not be as engaging plotwise as it thinks it is, but it is extremely well thought out.

Especially in ways that you die horribly. They spent a lot of time thinking that one out.

And one industrious YouTuber, HunterNormandy, did not want this effort to go unnoticed. So, trusty keyboard in hand and video recording software up and running, he set out to document all the ways the land of Skyrim can hand you your @$$.

Not surprisingly, a lot of them involve the sheer spite of the engine. Seriously, this game’s engine does not like you. It really does not like you. And it will make its dislike known painfully.

The full, fourteen-minute (!!!) video under the jump.

[ via the Java junkies at The Daily What ]

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