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The jokes are over. It’s not funny anymore.

*Tags in. Takes Contra™’s place on the soapbox*

Many of us cracked jokes and compared the couple to Ike and Tina or Bobby and Whitney because we heard the story but didn’t quite know what happened. I imagined a backhand that left her cheek red that is still deplorable, but this…this is something completely different. The photo that surfaced last night make Chris Brown’s alleged attack on Rihanna is borderline gruesome. Fuck their careers and what this means for Brown’s endorsements. This is about a woman being beaten by a man.

I know some are crying foul thinking that this particular issue is only getting attention because Brown and Rihanna are celebrities. Though that may be the case, there is now an opportunity to deal with a terrible issue. Now there’s a face to domestic violence.

Vick made middle America want to save every puppy on the street. Baseball made us want to make sure rich kids weren’t doping up before games. Now what happens as a result of this?

I agree with Contra™ that there are much more important issues going on than Chris Brown and Rihanna. But if we extend this to domestic violence in general (especially in the African American community), then there’s a cogent issue to focus on:

According to the Institute of Domestic Violence in the African American Community, domestic violence is the number one cause for homicide in African-American women.

So we have a high-profile case with a real issue attached. Now what happens? Here’s hoping that the unfortunate situation turns into a positive crusade against domestic violence. But I think this concern will have to come from African-American communities because something tells me CNN won’t bite into this story as much as if (heaven forbid) Jennifer Anniston or Britney Spears showed up with marks on their faces.

I have three sisters, a wonderful mom and two nieces. I never want to see this picture of their faces. Hopefully this horrific situation can be turned into something educational and helpful for communities and households that have to see this mess every day.

Let’s chill with the Youtube videos and satires for a minute and let the involved parties deal with this.


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