100s – IVRY

03.07.14 4 years ago 14 Comments

100s ivry

First of all, 100s has clearly already won the award for best cover art of the year with his IVRY release. More importantly, the suave lady flipper from Cali might have snagged freshest project of the year as well, with this long-awaited follow up to his critically-acclaimed Ice Cold Perm mixtape from 2012.

Anyone who can appreciate the colorful bounce of mid-nineties West Coast rap and 80s R&B will immediately latch onto the vibe of this all-around breezy project. From the palm tree-blowing “Slide On Ya” to the KDAY killer in the making “Fuckin Around,” there isn’t a moment where the permed-out MC doesn’t display his mack game to the fullest and prove his signing to Fools Gold was justified.

This is the most applicable pimp rap on the market right now and proof is in the all of the sparkling details. Listen below then go here to download the release for no more than the cost of an email address.

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