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Tomorrow’s Session….

Speaking On Mixtapes…

Al: I mean I don’t have to, none of us have to make that actual money off of the cd but I mean you know what I’m saying it goes a million different ways. Of course we’re getting bread we’re also creating opportunities for our people. I keep a lot of people eating like that. Yo here’s a box of them joints I don’t give a fuck keep all that money. I don’t need none of that cause you getting me in the hood and you’re selling it you’re eating and I’m maintaing my name so it goes both ways you know what I mean.

Stat: Well, I need all that money yo.

Al: (Laughing)

Stat: Fuck it. Look here. I need every last fucking dime of it. Fuck it. I need it all. I need fucking I need… listen if I’m selling the cd’s for two bucks I need all two of my dollars back…

Prepare yourself for one entertaining Session.

Speaking of preparing yourself;

after weeks of striving for perfection, we’re finally ready to roll:

Coming to a mailbox near you.

Stray Shots

Onyx-All We Got Iz Us

Da Bush Babees-Ambushed

Outside-Area 67

Third Eye Blind

Pete Rock & CL Smooth-All Souled Out




Hell Rell – New Gun In Town Mixtape


DJ Keyz Presents Young Buck – Buck Em Down Hustle Club


DJ Kool Kid D-Block And Team Arliss – From The Bar To The Yard


Stray Shots File Stray Shots Changelink

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